Laboratory of Signal Processing

About LaPS

Laboratory of Signal Processing (LaPS) is associated to Faculty of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications (FCT) of the Institute of Technology (ITEC) of Federal University of Pará (UFPA). It's an academic environment formed by professors and students of the University with interest in developing projects with technologies that benefit the students and the community. The students put into practice knowledge taught in the classroom and develop their research. The technology developed in LaPS is destined to the community, aiming to improve their quality of health, culture, etc.

LaPS aims to carry out undergraduate and graduate teaching and research activities and develop projects and provide services in areas related to computer vision and general signal processing. In addition, LaPS seeks to become a laboratory of excellence in the area of ​​Signal Processing, supporting government agencies and private companies with state-of-the-art technology and qualified professionals.

The Laboratory mainly serves students of the undergraduate courses in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Currently, about 25 students work in LaPS, including doctoral students, masters and graduates.



Federal University of Pará
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